Then again was it ever really gone?!!…….

Since the master of hair that was Vidal Sassoon introduced the bob style back into society in the 60’s it has been a trend that has resurfaced time and again. Through the ages we have seen so many of those in the spotlight sport many different takes on this style. It’s been the signature do of vogues editor in chief Anna Wintour for decades and 2007 saw its popularity soar with the debut of the “Rihanna bob”. It has repeatedly proved itself as one of the most versatile hairstyles and there is absolutely no doubting that 2016 has seen the bob/lob hairstyle make its mark as a massive trend. There has been an array of celebrities showcasing numerous variations of this beautiful do. From the goddess that is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sporting a soft textured lob, to the usually oh so conservative T-Swift taking a massive plunge by not only opting for a shorter chic style bob but also topping it off with platinum locks, a massive change but soooo worth it in my books. Then there’s style chameleon kylie Jenner…….is there any style this chick cant wear!!!! Always one to provide the shock factor this week rocking up to the Met Gala working a sharp sleek glossy bob, it finished off her look to perfection.


Undeniably this versatile style is a definite favorite among us hairstylists with so many variations, from the short sharp classic bob that hugs the face, to the more textured edgy graduated bob, to the soft playful lob and many more in between. Each one drawing the eye to the neck area makes it a very feminine sexy style. One thing is for sure there is a variation of this hair style to suit almost anyone so if your looking for a change this year this should be one to consider.

Having that said there are a few things to consider before you chop your locks, because as a stylist there is nothing worse than having a client bounce through the door of the salon eager for a change only for us to tap into are inner artist and create a masterpiece on your noggin, all the while witnessing the sheer delight fade from your face and watch you shrink into your chair because you really didn’t anticipate the nakedness you’d feel once it was gone.So before you take the plunge you should:


  • Find the right stylist – This is so important when going for a complete change, be happy with your stylists work before you them loose on your mane.Before any work is started on your hair an in-depth consultation should be completed, during which they can properly assess your hair type, texture, face shape, lifestyle and hair growth direction e.g jumps and cowlicks. This is a vital step to achieving the perfect style and will you give you a clear idea of exactly what result to expect. Always ask your stylists for some tips on styling your new do this will give you more confidence when you tackle it yourself, if you know how to style your hair yourself chances are your going to love it.
  • Timing- while they stay a change is as good as a holiday make sure to pick your timing. Post break up might seem like the perfect time to have a drastic change, your looking for something new and exciting, when in fact its the complete opposite, your at your most vulnerable and being unhappy with your hair on top of heartache isn’t not going to help. Pre-wedding or public events is another time I would avoid you don’t to face lots of people when your feeling self conscious or spend your post wedding years looking back on pictures of you with hair you disliked.
  • Hair type/texture- its a good idea to keep in mind the shorter you go the tighter your hair textured will become as you no longer have the length to pulled it down e.g curly hair is going to bounce up a lot more. Preferably have your hair natural and unstyled for your appointment, that way your stylist knows exactly the hair texture they are working with and can tailor a style that will suit it best. Have realistic expectations and always bring visuals, with smart phones you have unlimited access to thousands of styles,so choose a few you like, show your stylist and avoid disappointment.
  • Give it time- Allow yourself sometime to get use to it, so often you hear people unhappy straight after a change but then they love it after a couple of weeks.We associate so much of our identity with our hair so you have to allow time for you to adjust, it will take a few days and a few washes before you really have a good feel for it and the beauty is if you still really regret it after this you can always grow it out, remember nothing is permanent.


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