Hairdryer Redesigned


Dyson have just announced the launched of there supersonic hairdryer and it looks absolutely awesome!!! I’m not going lie when I seen first seen this, I immediately read a bit about it and got pretty excited. Blow drying was one of the first thing I learned as a trainee. I loved a good blow dry then and I still do now. We were taught that now matter how long you spend coloring and cutting hair that if it wasn’t style to perfection leaving the salon then you really haven’t done all your hard work any justice. I still totally agree with this today.

Dyson is a British Technology company that up until now we only associated with manufacturing vacuums, hand dryers, bladeless fans and heaters. They were smart with this they saw an opportunity with something that hasn’t been updated in years and they ran with. They have completed redesigned of the structure of the standard hairdryer.  With its sleek futuristic appearance it definitely catches your eye.

So what exactly makes it different from any other hair dryer??image

Collaborating with one of Britain’s best hairdresser Akin Konizi they seemed to have addressed all the faults with others on the market, this model promises to cut drying time with a digital motor that is not only lighter,smaller and more powerful but also quieter than the original dryer. Lets face it that alone is pretty impressive because we have all been there, shouting over the hair dyer struggling to hear what a client is saying resulting in you just nodding in agreement because quiet frankly asking someone what they said more than three times just gets awkward. The attachments are held on magnetically making them easy to adjust and stay cool to the touch. The motor is located the handle to evenly distribute weight resulting in less arm,wrist and back ache, another plus.

It is designed in a way that blows focused jets of air at 13 litres per second (a lot basically) and has intelligent heat control to avoid over heating. Offering more control, reduced frizz and shiny voluminous results without out compromising hair condition, it sounds like everything you could want in a dryer and more.It doesn’t go on sale in the UK until June and does come at a price, said to retail at around £299/$570AUD. There has been no word yet as to when it will go on sale in Australia. It will certainly be interesting to see how it with stands the test of a busy salon but one thing is for sure if it does everything promises it will be a great investment.

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