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Today’s post is all about the skin care range I have been using for the last couple of months. For any of you out there who, like me, were blessed with oily/congested skin you will know the STRUGGLE IS REAL!! to find good products that don’t clogged your pores and make you break out. For years to my beauticians and even work colleagues despair I completely avoided using moisturizer/serums because no matter how hard I looked and believe me I looked, or how much money I spent, every lotion that graced my face resulted in me breaking out. I was defeated in my search so I gave up, moisturizer just wasn’t for me. I kept my skin really clean so I didn’t break out, but just accepted the fact that I would always have a dull congested complexion.

That was until I fell pregnant and my hormones wreaked havoc on my skin. I got all the types of acne, bacnce, chacne and facne as I like to call them (back,chest and face). I couldn’t really use anything while I was pregnant but I knew once I had my little girl I had to find something to just get it under control. After I gave birth and my hormones started to calm it wasn’t so bad but still a far cry from healthy looking skin. Then I happened to stumble upon NIP+FAB at the recommendation of a friend. Its been a game changer!!NIP+FAB Glycolic FixI started using the glycolic fix range along with the deep cleansing fix cream and I could see the difference straight away. I started out only using the glycolic fix cleansing gel once a week because it contains active glycolic acid, that works by gently exfoliating away dead NIP+FAB GLYCOLIC CLEANSING FIXskin cells and brightens the skin, it also hydrates and plumps by drawing water up to the surface. you need to be careful when using this product, over use can really cause some sensitivity, you need to build yourself up to using this. So maybe start with once a week for about a month and slowly go from there. It is a bit of a journey with this product the result is amazing.

NIP+FAB Deep Cleansing Fix


The deep cleansing fix is the most impressive and versatile of the products I purchased. Honestly I cannot recommend this one enough, it really cleans the skin but it is surprisingly moisturizing. I use it every night as a cleanser but it can be applied liberally and use as a 10 minute hydrating face mask or over night as an intensive moisturizer.I usually use it this way after I apply a mask which brings me to the next product.


The instant fix mask is a pore tightening clear gel I only used this every fortnight, its more potent than the cleansing gel it contains 4% glycolic acid, evermat technology along with amino acids that reduces shine while also brightening skin tone and evens out skin texture. You really notice the difference after you apply this and the results last. It is quite strong though so once a fortnight is plenty for me and a good moisturizer after this is probably a good idea.

Last but most definitely not least is the Fix Serum. This is a lovely product that I used nightly with an oil free moisturizer, it contains aloe vera that soothes and calms once you have deeply cleansed your skin.

Overall since using these products my skin has not only become less oily with a smoother more even complexion, it’s noticeably clearer and brighter, most impressively my skin has been very hydrated and supple which is a welcomed change. If you are looking for a good skincare range that is not only amazing but also so reasonably priced I highly recommend you give these a go.

Glycolic Cleansing Fix $17.99 Buy here

Deep Cleansing Fix $17.99  Buy here

Glycolic Instant Fix Mask $29.99 Buy here

Glycolic Fix Serum $32.99 Buy here





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