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I’m always on the look out for good products so today’s post is about a tan that I’ve tried out for a few weeks. After years of trying absolutely everything from Beta Carotene supplements,to tanning oils, to hours sun baking and doing way too many sun beds only to achieve a natural tan that lasts the whole of 5 minutes, I decided it was about time to give up and except the fact that naturally I will always have skin that’s so pale it’s almost blue lol. All hope was not lost though, with the amount of fake tan brands on the market these days one has no need to settle for being pasty white. I opted for the healthy and lets face it more convenient way of looking like I spend my days sprawled out on a beach in Barbados (IF ONLY).

A few weeks back, like every other week another Thursday rolled around, yay Thursday!!! The night, for me, like millions of others is known globally a “Tan Thursday”. The night I get to slather my body in silky mousse all the while torturing my better half through another session of him apply my back while I give out about his less than perfect technique “your rubbing it to hard…..its leaving streaks!” God bless his patience. 🙂  So reaching for the my Usual tan…….OH NO!! There was just about enough left to do one arm, aah why the hell didn’t order some more (the tan I use isn’t readily available in Australia yet). So off I trot down to priceline to grab something else, on the plus side it gave me a chance to try something new, it gives you options, every needs options and I had heard heaps about bondi sands, this gave me the opportunity to try it out.


First impression, oohh it comes in sleek black packaging, I love love love black packaging. Then the price, wow so affordable!!!! I decided on the dark self tanning foam and the liquid gold dry oil, I also picked up the tanning mitt. So I get myself back home, crack it open and instantly I notice the quality of the tan mitt, the tan application side was very velvety and super soft. I applied the gorgeously coconut scented dark tanning foam like I always do and left it to develop overnight.

So far so good, next morning I rinse it off, its kept its promise of an even streak free finish. hmm am I onto a new winner?! I tried the mousse on its own for the for the first week so I can get a proper idea of the product before trying the dry oil. Day one/day two great, day three still okay but starting to look a bit patchy. I apply tan twice a week, Monday & Thursdays, because I wear it constantly. Day four rolls around, it’s not looking good its gone quite patchy, so I jump in the shower give a quick scrub to get the heavy excess off, hopefully this will even it out for my top up. I repeat my application and hope for the best. Next day I rinse it off, Eeemmm, it’s better than the previous day but definitely not as even as the first application.

Thursday rolled around again, the tan hadn’t faded any better so I decided to completely exfoliate off any tan and start fresh. I like to test product for a few weeks before I make up my mind on them. I did my usual routine from scratch and again it applied to fresh skin perfectly. On day four this week I topped up with the dry oil because we had a night out and who doesn’t want to be a shimmering goddess 🙂



I was quite impressed with the dry oil, it’s a lovely product to apply and it seems to take better over an existing tan than the foam . I did expect it to be a be more shimmering, I think just because its called “Liquid GOLD” I presumed that it would be a shimmering oil, it doesn’t actually state that it will make you shimmer. It faded better with the dry oil over it but still not the best. Also upon washing the mitt all the fibers started to fall out, which is a bummer because it was amazing to begin with.

Overall guys I think the bondi sands is a lovely product that smells amazing, especially the dry oil it’s so handy to pop on if you’re in a rush as it dries quite fast. However the foam didn’t wear off as good as I would of like it too and the mitt shed its fibers once it was washed.

My conclusion of this range is, if you don’t wear tan all the time and only apply for an occasion then its perfect for you. It was great for the first three days I had it on but does need to be completely scrubbed off after this. It goes on so easy,has a lovely scent and is so affordable. Although it’s not my all time favorite, it has earned a spot on my tan self.

If you want to get your hands on some it is readily available in most pharmacies and online or you can purchase some in the links below.

Bondi Sands, Self Tanning Foam, Dark 200ml buy here

Bondi Sands. Liquid Gold 150ml buy here

Bondi Sands, Tanning Mitt buy here

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