Beautiful Bridal Twist Upstyle

Beautiful Bridal Twist Upstyle

Beautiful Bridal Twist Upstyle

Hello lovelies,

Hope you are all having a great week.☺️

Its been a little while since I posted anything on here because I’ve been so busy lately but I’m going to try my best to be a bit more regular with my posts.

Todays post is a step by step guide on how I created this stunning up do, it’s a super easy yet effect way to create a soft voluminous romantic style. Perfect if you have an upcoming wedding or event.


Step1: Firstly take a radial part from ear to ear and secure the hair in front of the ear with some grips. next take a c curve section around the crown of the head,  note this is the section that will be back combed. I start 90% of my Upstyles with these sections, it gives you a clean starting point.

*Hot Tip- when taking your radial part, the closer you take it to the front hairline the more volume and height you will achieve and visa versa the closer to the back of the head the softer and more natural the result.


Step2: Working through the crown, taking half centimetre thick sections, backcomb from the front working through to the back of this section. Your backcombed section should stand straight up without you holding it (like the photo) this ensures mangability and also that your height will hold and not fall flat. Having worked through the complete section, smooth back using an upstyling/soft bristle brush and secure with bobby pins.


image image  image

Step3: working from the front, take a section and twist, in one piece, in one direction. Holding firmly from the end of  the hair, start to gently pull out small pieces working upwards. Once desired softness is achieved place across the bottom of  height,hiding previous clips and secured with a bobby pin. Working from the opposite side repeat this step again.


Step 4: Continue this process alternating from left to right, until you have pinned back all the hair in front of the ears. Spilt the remaining hair into 3 pieces. Take the middle section and braid into a fishtail, secure with band and pull out into a soft full braid.


Step 5: With remaining section continue “twist and pull out” process, wrap over and around fishtail braid and secure, alternating sides until all the hair has been pinned around your braid. Once complete go back through a gently pull out any sections that need more body or fullness and pin sections that need to be more secure. 


Finally check over your Upstyle, make sure your happy with your style and it is balanced, give a good spritz of hairspray to ensure it all stays in place. 

There you have it, a beautiful full voluminous soft style, perfect for any wedding or formal occasion.

hope you enjoy this one




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